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Beypore Beach

Located at the mouth of the Chaliyar River in Kozhikode district, Beypore, one of the prominent ports and fishing harbours of ancient Kerala was an important trade and maritime centre.
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Ancient Beypore was much sought after by merchants from Western Asia, for its ship building industry. The boat building yard here is famous for the construction of the Uru, the traditional Arabian trading vessel.

The Beypore Beach has a bridge built nearly 2 kms into the sea. It is actually made up of huge stones piled together for nearly 2 kms making a pathway into the sea.

General Information

Unique Features
Bridge Built Of Stone.
10 Kms South Of Kozhikode, Kerala.
Formerly Known As
Ship Building Industry.

Ambiance of Beypore Beach

Peace and tranquility covered in warmth of sun and sand is the ambiance of Beypore Beach
overlooking the Arabain Sea. A beach tour in Kerala will remain unaccomplished without visiting the Beypore Beach. If you wish to unwind yourself in the natural surroundings, come to Beypore Beach and indulge in various beach activities. If you have done enough of beach walk then trip to the ship building yards and see the adroit artisans making whooping ships.

Uru Ride in Arabian Sea
Yes! You can enjoy a uru ride at Beypore in the company of resident fisherman. Just enter into an Uru and get going to detour the cerulean sea. Imagine yourself cruising in the vast sea, trying to touch the azure water, playing gleefully with the waves. How fascinating ! And see there .... did you also spot that coy fish.

Vivacious Backwaters
Besides, cruising you can enjoy the exhilarating backwaters in Kozhikode which is located near Beypore. Backwaters are a real fun to see when you are done with sufficient beach tour.

Relish the Savories
Do check out the local cuisines of Beypore at the stalls settled up at the beach and the flavors you get to taste there are simply delectable. So, just do not think twice before enjoying these savories of Beypore.

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