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Fort Kochi Beach

A leisurely walk through the lanes of the city is the best way to discover historic Fort Kochi.

An obscure fishing village that became the first European township in India, Kochi has an eventful and colourful history. The town was shaped by the Portuguese, the Dutch and later the British.

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The result of these cultural interfaces is seen in the remains of the Indo-European architecture here. Cochin Carnival on the New Year eve is a colourful festival not to be missed at the beach site.

General Information

Main Attraction
Fort Kochi Carnival
12 Kms From Ernakulam, Kerala

Introduction to Fort Kochi

Welcome to the land of heritage and legends, Fort Kochi in Kerala, one of the most significant among the Famous Monuments of Kerala. This natural port is regarded as one of the most conspicuous trade centers in the Southern India. Fort Kochi is an evidence of cultural and traditional legacy of Kerala. This, one of the most important towns of Kerala, has been immensely influenced by the culture of Europeans. Tourists to Fort Kochi can see a crisscross fusion of European, Dutch and Portugal cultural and traditional heritage. The modernization of Kochi is due to the colonialism of Europe, Portugal and Netherlands. Even the colonialism did not evade the traditional values of Kochi.

Historical Background of Fort Kochi

The town was of not much important before colonialism. It was a petty fishing hamlet. In the year 1503, the erstwhile king of Cochin gave appanage of the town to the Portuguese. The Portuguese erected a fort to preserve the premises thereby giving it the name of Fort Kochi. The fort was initially named "Fort Emmanuel" but was later demolished by the Dutch. Later the Portuguese built a church of wood - St. Francis Church - which is the oldest church of Kerala. The Dutch pillaged the territory from the Portuguese who dominated the town for about 160 years. Fort Kochi was ruled by the Dutch for about 112 years. The Britishers then ruled over Kochi for 400 years. Kochi gained independence when India got freedom the British rule.

St. Francis Church

In the year 1516, the Portuguese built the wooden church which is now deemed as the oldest church of Kerala. It is the first European Church in India. It bears the testimony to the incidental history of the coastal city for almost five centuries now. This church is the main tourist attraction in Kochi. The historians, the tourists find it interesting in the same way. The church is witness to the colonial battle of imperialism and domination. The church has no such architectural marvel but it is a hallmark among the churches of India.

The Present Fort Kochi

In the present times, the city is independent and advancing as a major commercial and trading center of Kerala. The tourists regard it as "Queen of Arabian Sea" and find immense pleasure visiting and discovering the metropolitan town. A historical monument of Kerala sprinkled with modernization is the present Fort Kochi.

Know the Fort Kochi Beach

"The Queen of Arabian Sea", Kochi, beckons one and all to relish and relive the glory of the bygone years. Travelers who have always sought after a destination which offers serenity, seclusion and natural surroundings will find immense pleasure visiting Fort Kochi Beach. It is deemed as one of the loveliest beaches of Kerala. The Fort Kochi beach has secured a top position in the itineraries of tourists and businessmen alike. The sedating experience of the beach is worth cherishing for entire life. With picture perfect surroundings, the beach tour in Fort Kochi Beach is extremely exciting. The essence of beach tour in Kerala is best manifested in Fort Kochi Beach located at a distance of 12 Km from Kochi city. Kochi city was first formulated by the Portuguese, then the Dutch and later by the Britishers.

Attractions in Fort Kochi Beach

The Ambiance
Dotted with coconut palms and thick bushes, Fort Kochi Beach is delightful destination for frolic. A spectator's haven, Fort Kochi beach is a charming picnic spot which wagers relaxation, resurrection, purgation of negativities, bestowing solitude. The ambiance is so tranquil that it escalates you high. The topography of this beach is rather rocky.

Activities to enjoy at Fort Kochi Beach
Take a walk along the Kochi beach, see the fishermen with Chinese Fishing Nets busy in their daily chores, build the sand castles and play with sportive waves. It is a perfect weekend getaway to feel the bliss of nature and have a break from the mundane daily life. The place is a fusion of culture and history.

Kochi Festival
Tourists flock to the place for witnessing the charisma of annual Kochi Festival. Grab the opportunity of enjoying the carnival at the New Year's eve. The experience will be lifelong fascinating.

If you are the one who wish to promenade in a serene and natural environment, then no other place is so good to sojourn. So, when are you planning your vacations to Fort Kochi Beach?
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