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Caves in Kerala

Besides eye-catching scenery, fascinating beaches and backwaters, Caves in Kerala are one more attraction of the state, that make it a unique as well as charismatic Indian state. These caves are an important heritage not only of the state, but also of the country. A visit to these antique sites will definitely take you back in another era, that belongs to our old civilization, before several years.

Let's explore some most famous caves of Kerala, which are the sovereign heritage of the state:

Edakkal Caves
Located in the massive hills of Ambukuthi, these caves are formed by the large apportion of a stupendous rock, this is why the caves are called Edakkal, as Edakkal means - 'a stone in between'. These caves are situated 10 km away from Sultanbathery in Wayanad district. Pictorials writings on the walls of these caves evidence the prehistoric civilization of stone age. According to archaeologists these caves date back over 5000 years.

The majestic Kottathavalam cave is situated in the Kottayam district. Located on the sheer rock of the Murugan hills, this cave has a number of legends, associated with it. Kottathavalam cave is enriched with numerous statues and sculptures of Murugan along with many other gods and goddesses. Except, arms and weapons of different shapes in the cave attract everyone.

Pakshipathalam cave is located at Pakshipathalam in Thirunelli district. It is believed that, this cave had been used by the sages and Munis, hence the cave is also known as Munikal cave. Since the cave is located at an altitude of 1740 m, hence its neighborhood area is a fabulous place for trekking and other adventures.

Pandavan Rock
Pandavan Rock cave has its significant mythological importance, as according to a famous legend the five Pandavas stayed in this cave during their exile. Hence the name of the cave is after the name of Pandava. Now a days it has become a most happening picnic spot. You may enjoy the excellent view from the cave.

So visit Kerala to explore the magical era of ancient civilization.