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Forts of Kerala

Kerala is a rich cultural and heritage state of India, which is being ruled by a number of rulers and dynasties. Plenty of forts and palaces proudly witness the victorious past of this historical land. The massive structures with their marvelous architectures will fill you with wonder.

Some must visit forts in Kerala are:

Bekal Fort

Bekal fort is the largest fort of the state, spread over a huge area of 40 acres. The fort is also counted amongst the most important monuments of Kerala. It was constructed in 1650 AD during the reign of Ikkeri Naikkans by Shivappa Naik. The fort is located in the lap of picturesque natural surroundings. Observation tower is the rarity of the fort, from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the vicinity.

Palakkad Fort

Palakkad Fort is one of the best preserved forts of Kerala, situated in the heart of Palakkad town. It was built in 1766 AD by Hyder Ali (the ruler the kingdom of Mysore), which later was captured by the British, who made several modifications in the fort. A small Hanuman Temple inside the fort attracts many devotees.

Pallipuram Fort

Pallipuram Fort is the oldest existing Europian fort of India, situated in the northern wing of Vypeen island of Ernakulam district. The fort was built by Portuguese in 1503 AD. It is a three storied building, made in hexagonal shape, which is also famous as Ayikotta or Alikotta.

Thalassery Fort

Thalassery Fort is situated in Thalassery town of Kannur districrt. It was constructed in 1708 AD by the British East India Company. The fort is built in a square shape, which is surrounded by the high massive walls. A network of secret tunnels is spread in the entire fort, that leads to the sea. The huge doors of the fort with sophisticated carvings attracts everyone.

St. Angelo Fort

St. Angelo Fort is also known as 'Kannur Fort' or 'Kannur Kotta', situated at a short distance of 3 km from the town of Kannur. It was constructed by Dom Francisco de Almeida (the first Portuguese Viceroy of India) in 1505 AD. The fort faces the fascinating Arabian sea and also offers the magnificent view of Mappila Bay fishing harbour and Dharmadam island.