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St. Angelo Fort

St. Angelo Fort, the sea front fort was constructed in 1505 AD by the first Portuguese Viceroy Don Francisco De Almeda with the consent of the ruling Kolathiri Raja.

After changing hands from the Portuguese to the Dutch and then to the English, the fort became one of the important military centers of the British in Malabar. A huge triangular structure built of laterite, with a moat and strong flanking bastions.

St. Angelo Fort was captured by the Dutch from the Portugese in 1663 AD and sold off to Ali Raja of Kannur in 1772 AD. The British rebuilt it and made it the most important military base in Malabar for their soldiers during the British colonial rule, after capturing it in 1790 AD.

The fort, which is now under the Archaeological Survey of India, offers fascinating views of the Mappila Bay fishing harbour and Dharmadam Island.


Served as a Military Base for the British.

General Information

Kannur, Kerala.
1505 AD.
Built By
Don Francisco De Almeda.