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Located at distance of 55 kms from Kottayam and 20 kms from Thodapuzha, this is another picnic spot located in the midst of the beautiful hillocks near Kanjar.

Ilaveezhpoonchira, means the 'valley where leaves don't fall' and is so named because the place has no trees. This is also one of the best places in Kerala to witness the sunrise and sunset. It is easily accessible from Palai in Kottayam district.

The beautiful valleys of Ilaveezhapoonchira are spread across thousands of acres of the district of Kottayam. The place is surrounded by three enchanting hillocks: Mankunnu, Kodayathoormal and Thonippara, making the place ideal for trekking.

The verdant landscape punctuated by four gigantic hills, each rising to about 3200 feet above sea level is an ideal place to unwind. During the monsoons when the valley fills up to form a scenic lake, this place unveils yet another beautiful slice of nature.

Places To Stay - Ilaveezhpoonchira

A DTPC rest house nearby offers comfortable accommodation.

General Information - Ilaveezhpoonchira

55 kms from Kottayam, Kerala.
Around 3200 Feet Above Sea Level.
Malayalam, Hindi, English.