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Arts & Crafts of Kerala

Kerala beckons one and all to witness the exquisite topographical variety, exotic flora and fauna, rich cultural heritage, ethnic traditional mores and stunning marvels of arts. The art of Kerala is transcendental the performing arts and monumental artifact. The legacy of fostering and mentoring the ritualistic arts of Kerala had prevailed in antediluvian India and a mirror to culture of Kerala. These arts of Kerala rekindles and restores the cultural inheritance of this magical state. Various categories of these arts as, Classical Art Form, Folk Art Form, Fine Art Form and Temple Music Form have been a proud convention of Keralites. If you are an epicure, visit the state, see the performances by the veteran artists and experience for yourself, the grace of dance mingled with melodious beats of musical instruments. You will easily trace marks of jubilation during any celebration, ceremonial events or festivals.

The classical dance of Kerala comprises of Bharatnatyam, Chakyarkoothu, Kathakali and Mohiniyattam. All the classical arts of Kerala are based on the codes of �Natya Sastra� written by Bharata in 4000 B.C. The guidelines given in the treatise is to make a classical performance on stage for the spectators. Rendition of these theatrical arts is mostly in temples. They are fusion of dance, drama, instrumental and vocal music and amusement. The artists flaunt vibrant and gaudy ensembles paired with elegant accessories and sober make up with lovely hair dos adorned with fragrant flowers. The dance acts enacted draw their inspiration and origin from the revered Indian mythology. The facial expressions, gestures, movements of hands and legs do matter a lot and so graceful performances are applauded. Various musical instruments like Chengila (gong), elathalam (small cymbals), chenda and maddalam add to the rhythm of these acts.

The folk arts of Kerala are are equally interesting. Some of the folk arts of Kerala are Kalampattu, Kalaripayattu, Kaliyoottu, Kanniyarkali, Kavadiyattam, Kolkali, Thiruvathirakali and Velakali.

These arts are performed in the temple premises usually Bhadrakali, Swaminarayan and Ayyappa temples. The performance is generally carried out around a traditional sketch � Kolam. The folk arts of Kerala are a depiction of mythological incidents or ritualistic systems. A group of devotees dance and enact the events from scriptures. Devotional songs as Kalampattu, Thiruvathira pattu and musical instruments as nanthuni, elathalams, udukku and chenda, nadaswaram, hakil, suddha maddalam, kuzhal and trumpets add to the thrill of these performances. The costumes of the performers are intricate with exquisite hairdos. Some of these arts aim at striking a balance between mind and body, some exhibit older customs prevalent in the state.

Visit this land of varied art forms to experience for yourself the charisma of this traditional heritage. You will be surely stunned by these spectacular performances.