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Wildlife in Kerala

Introduction to the Wildlife of Kerala
Blessed with immense potential to provide refuge to the extinct endangered flora and fauna, "God's Own Country", Kerala is an important destination for Wildlife tours in India. The wildlife of Kerala is rich and exotic. You will feel the thrill of locating of tigers hidden behind the bushes and look there you have docile birds. Your each step into the Sanctuaries and Parks takes you closer to the natural habitat of these birds and animals. The Wildlife Tour in Kerala confined in the Wildlife Sanctuaries of Kerala is simply superb. Tourists are attracted to the wild beasts and so these sanctuaries are haven for wildlife and source of tourism in Kerala. Besides beaches, backwaters, and monuments of Kerala tourists are also interested in Kerala wildlife.

Famous Wildlife Sanctuaries of Kerala
Kerala has many wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks for preserving animals and birds and providing opportunity for tourists to know the wilds better. Among the famous wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala some are Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Eravikulam National Park, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Thattekkad Wildlife Sanctuary, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Silent Valley National Park, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Peechi Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary and Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Flora and Fauna
The Plant Kingdom: Teak, maruthu, karimaruthi, rosewood, venteak, vengal, chadachi, mazhukanjiram, bamboo, neem, nanjanathi, sandal, dendrocalamus, marythu, vaka, , mulluvenka. elavu, manjakadambu pala, vembu, aval and over 1800 flowering plants including 171 grass species, 143 species of orchids are present in Kerala.

Animal Kingdom: Elephants, gaur, sambar, deer, wild dogs, jungle cats, tigers, wild boars, sloth bears, leopards, lion tailed macaques, Nilgiri Tahrs, langur, malabar giant squirrel, flying squirrel, tiger,panthers, spotted deer, grizzled giant squirrels, Hanuman langurs, peacocks, star tortoises, wild dogs, civet cats, bonnet, macaques, Loris, mongoose, foxen, bears, barking deer, pangolins, bison, bear are some of the animals you encounter in Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala.

Bird Kingdom: Different varieties of birds including Water fowl, Cuckoo, Owl, Egret, Heron, Water duck, Migratory Siberian Duck, Jungle fowls, Mynas, Laughing thrushes, Black bulbuls, Peafowls, Woodpeckers, Kingfishers, The Jungle babblers, Sunbirds, Peacocks, Crimson-throated barbets, Bee-eaters, Shrikes, Fairy bluebirds, Grey-headed fishing eagles, Black winged kites, Night herons, Grey hornbills, Malabar hornbills welcome you to Kerala Wildlife.

Insect Kingdom: Many species of butterflies and moths as Atlas Moth are there in Wildlife Sanctuaries of Kerala.

Reptile Kingdom: Cobra, Viper, krait, a number of non poisonous snakes, bicoloured frogs, crocodiles, varanur pond terrapins, cane turtles, star tortoises, geckoes, skunks, chameleons, spectacled cobras, pythons, green keel backs, rat snakes, vine snakes, monitor lizards take refuge in the sanctuaries of Kerala.

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