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Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary

About Sanctuary Aralam wildlife sanctuary is a fabulous sanctuary, located on the slopes of Western Ghats. Established in 1983, it is the northern-most wildlife of Kerala state, made for the nature lover. It is located at the highest peak of Katti Betta, in the lap of tropical and semi-evergreen forests, at a grand elevation of 1145 m above the sea level.Aralam wildlife sanctuary is exactly located above 35 km from Thalasserry. The sanctuary covers a huge forested area of 55 km, which is enriched by the plantation of Teak and Eucalyptus. The headquarters of Aralam wildlife sanctuary is situated near a small town of Iritty, which is around 55 km far away from Kannur.


The lush green forests with sloppy Ghats create a wonderful surroundings, that easily capture attention of everyone. Throughout the year you will find a pleasant atmosphere over here. In foothills area the temperature varies from 21 degree C to 40 degree C, while at the higher hills the temperature varies from 8 degree C to 25 degree C. Also the sanctuary receives a rich annual rainfall of approx 3000 mm. In the months between June to August the rainfall is at its peak.

This magnificent Aralam wildlife sanctuary houses a variety of flora and fauna. The rare species of flora and fauna mesmerizes the tourists.
Mesua ferrea, Mechilus macrantha, Calophyllum elatum, Cullenia rosayroona, Magnifera indica, Toona cillata, Myristica Species, Euphorbia Longana, Strobilanthes. Except these some commonly found trees in semi-ever-green areas are - Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Hopea parviflora, Largestroemia lanceolata, Xyliaxylocarpa, Mallotus, Philippinensis.
Here you will find numerous varieties of birds and animals, which are:
Herds of deer, elephants, boar, bison, leopards, jungle cats, different kind of squirrels.
Water duck, migratory siberian duck, jungle fowls, mynas, laughing thrushes, black bulbuls, peafowls, woodpeckers, kingfishers, the hornbill, stork, raptor, darter, cormorant, grackle, cluster, Indian rollers, common snipes, crow pheasants, jungle nightjars, kites, grey drongos, malabar trogons, large pied wagtails, baya sparrows, grey jungle fowls, indian hill mynas, robins, jungle babblers, sunbirds, crimson-throated barbets, bee-eaters, shrikes, fairy bluebirds, grey-headed fishing eagles, black winged kites, night herons, grey hornbills, Malabar hornbills and more than 253 spicies of migrant birds.

So come to this fascinating sanctuary to experience an adventurous trip in the green and picturesque surroundings.