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Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 40 kms from Thodupuzha. This sanctuary extends over the Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola taluks of Idukki district spreading over 77sq. kms, at 450 - 748m above sea level.

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The Idukki reservoir formed by three dams-Cheruthoni, Idukki and Kulamavu-extends to 33 sq. km.

A picturesque lake, a majestic arch dam across two hills and roaming herds of elephants and gaur are sights that lure you to this enchanting canopy of tropical semi-evergreen and deciduous forests. The fauna also includes Langur, Leopard and Wild Boar.

How To Get There

By Air
Kochi is the nearest airport.

General Information

40 Kms From Thodupuzha, Kerala
77 sq. kms
450-758m Above Sea Level
Main Attraction

Flora and Fauna of the Sanctuary

The Floral Cosmos
You will spot about 1800 flowering plants including 171 grass species and 143 species of orchids in this sanctuary. Uh! A large number. Also find the only south Indian conifer Podocarpus Wallichianus which grows here. The main plantation here includes tea, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg, cumin, garlic, star anise.

The Animal Cosmos
If you want locate tigers roaming in their natural surroundings come to the sanctuary. Besides you will also see 35 species of mammals including wild elephants, gaurs, langur, sambar deer and wild boars that can be sighted from the boats, the Nilgiri tahr in the higher rocky areas, the endangered lion tailed macaque which is restricted to the evergreen interiors, bonnet macque, Malabar giant squirrel, flying squirrel, jungle cat and sloth bear.

The Bird Cosmos
The sanctuary is a Bird Watcher's Paradise. You will get to see as many as 265 species of birds including migrants the hombill, stork, woodpecker, kingfisher, raptor, darter, cormorant, grackle, cluster, woodpeckers, black bulbuls, jungle fowls, laughing thrushes, mynas, kingfishers and pea fowls.

The Reptile Cosmos
Not only animals and birds but reptiles also enjoy their stay at the sanctuary and so you will see King Cobra, viper, krait and a number of non poisonous snakes, bi-colored frogs and crocodiles.

The Amphibian Cosmos
If you are interested in fishing and angling then come to the sanctuary and visit the lakes where you will trace many species of fish comprising of masher, the endangered Indian game fish and otter, the only mammal of the lake.

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