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Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the evergreen South-Indian state of Kerala. The sanctuary is nestled over the South-East corner of Western Ghats, which covers a huge area of 128 sq km. In 1958, it was declared as a sanctuary, but for the betterment, in 1985 a separate wildlife wing was set up to boost up the conservation efforts. And resulting of that, the sanctuary is now counted amongst one of the best conservation sanctuaries of the state.

The massive hill of Agasthyarkoodam, which is 1890 meters high, enhances the sanctuary with stunning view. The growth of Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary varies according to the altitude, particularly it varies from tropical wet evergreen to grasslands. The sanctuary also works as a drainage basin for the Neyyar river and its tributaries � Mullayar and Kallar.

Flora and Fauna

The numerous species of flora and fauna make this sanctuary an ideal place for the wildlife lovers. The sanctuary is blessed with 39 species of beasts, 176 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles, 17 species of amphibians and 40 species of fish. Also in 1977 a crocodile farm was set up here, that houses 44 mugger crocodiles.
Leoperd, tiger, wild boar, elephant, sambar, barking dear, sloth bear, loin-tailed macaque, Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri thar, wild cat, Malabar squirrels, Indian porcupines, gaur etc.
Kingfisher, Indian hill myna, darter, white-breasted water hen, woodpeckers, little green heron, Indian cuckoos, brahimny kites, gray jungle fowl, little cormorants, little egrets, common mynas etc.
various species of snakes like cobras, vipers, pythons, rat snakes, flying snakes and lizard etc.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, spreading over 9.06 sq km , invites you to do several activities such as fishing and sailing. In the sanctuary you will find trekking and rafting facilities too, that will leave you with pretty exciting and adventurous experience. So loot amazing funs with Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary and conserve the adventurous memories.

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