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Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary (Thekkady Wildlife Sanctaury)

One of the well known wildlife sanctuaries in the south, Periyar sanctuary attracts a large number of nature lovers every year. Also called the Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary, this place is ideal for watching the animals in their natural habitat.

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The forest here, slopes into the manmade lake at the bottom of the hill. This lake serves as the waterhole for the animals and they come here to drink or take a dip. Elephants, Gaur, Sambhar and even tigers can be spotted here.

There are boat services which takes the visitor around the lake. The best season to visit the park is between October and June. Spread over 777 of the Cardamom Hills of Western Ghats, the Periyar sanctuary is located 137 km from Madurai.

Although an excursion on the splendid artificial lake is the standard way to experience the sanctuary, you can also walk around with the local guide in a small group. Wild Elephant herds come to the lake to frolic in the water.

Other attractions of the sanctuary are the Sambhar, Bison, Spotted Deer, Tigers, Leopards, Malabar Flying Squirrels, Stripe necked Mongooses, etc. There are over 260 species of birds here, including Nilgiri Wood Pigeons, blue-winged Parakeets, White bellied Tree Pies, laughing Thrushes and Fly Catchers.

The Floral Cosmos

You will find that Periyar National Park is a mix of tropical evergreen and semi-evergreen forest supporting the survival of a wide variety of plant and animal species.

The Animal Cosmos
Elephants, tigers, leopards, gaur, sambar, porcupines, squirrels, bison, spotted deer, Malabar flying squirrel, mongoose, wild pig, wild boar and sloth bear attract a number of tourists. Nilgiri Tahrs and tigers are evasive in the sanctuary.

The Bird Cosmos
The sanctuary is a bird watcher's paradise as around 260 species of birds including Nilgiri wood pigeon, Blue-winged Parakeet, flycatchers, laughing thrushes are found.

Besides, traversing through the dense woods locating the animals and birds, you have other alternatives for recreation. Enjoy elephant safari in the sanctuary, have photography adventure or go on trekking to the Mangaladevi temple situated in the center of the Thekkady forests. Every expedition is simply superb. So, come to Periyar and study elephants in a new light along with other animals.

General Information

Best Time
October to June
Formerly Known As
Thekkady Wildlife Sanctuary