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Vadakkumnathan Temple

Vadakkumnathan Temple is one of the oldest as well as the largest Shiva Temple, situated in Thrissur city of the South Indian state of Kerala. Vadakkumnathan Temple is an ancient temple around 1000 years old. It is said that the temple was constructed by Parshurama, one of the ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu. The temple is an excellent example of classic Kerala style of architecture with marvelous murals. Under the act of ''Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains'', the Union Government has declared this temple and mural paintings as a National Monument. Inside the temple there are a number of shrines, out of which, three main shrines in the center are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vadakkumnathan, Shankaranarayana and Lord Rama.

The One main specialty about the Vadakkumnathan temple is its several specified spots in temple complex, where devotees can worship Lord Shiva of Kashi, Lord Shiva of Rameshwaram, Lord Chidambaranatha of Chidambaram, Lord Bharatha of Koodalmanikyam, Sree Kali of Kodungallur, Urakam Ammathiruvadi of Ammathiruvadi Temple, Veda Vyasa, Lord Hanuman Swami and Nagaraja. The temple has also a museum of ancient wall paintings, wood carvings and many artistic creations of ancient time.

Architecture of the Temple

The architecture of Vadakkumnathan temple represents the typical style architecture of Kerala. The temple covers a huge area of about 9 acres, which is surrounded by a massive stone wall. The temple is best known for its rarest murals and matchless wood carvings. The murals display the various incidents of Mahabharata. Among these murals Vasukisayana and Nrithanatha are being worshipped daily. The fascinating Koothambalam (the temple theater) of the temple is matchless. The four gopurams (gateways) around the main shrine explore an excellent work of craftmanship and represent four directions- East, West, North, South.

Events of the Temple

Thrissur Pooram is the major festival, celebrated annually in the Malayalam month of Medam (April-May). It is one of the most colorful festival of Kerala state. Also Aastha Dravya Maha Ganpathay Havana is held annually in the temple on the very first day of Malayalam month of Karkadakam (July-August). Mahashivaratri is another major religious celebration of the Vadakkumnathan temple, while Gajapooja is conducted after every four years.

Some Important Points about Temple

Opening Time: 3:00 AM to 10:30 AM and 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
Non Hindus are not allowed.

So come to visit this wonderful temple and explore the rich culture of Kerala.