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Transplant Surgery

Transplant Surgeries -Heart Transplant, Hair Transplant, Liver Transplant,Kidney Transplant, Lungs Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant

Cost Difference :
Bone Marrow Transplant India - USD 69200 US - USD 250000
Liver Transplant India - USD 69350 US - USD 300000
Heart Transplant India - USD 8700 US - USD 30000
Hip Transplant India - USD 4500 US - USD 13000

Kerala is fast emerging as the preferred choice of many foreign patients looking for transplant operations and professional health care services as well as wellness programs with affordable options offered to them by leading transplant hospitals and clinics in India. Transplant surgery in Kerala is one of the recent advancement in medical health care industry in India. If you decide to have transplant surgery in Kerala at our world class hospitals such as Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center, Calicut Medical College and Medical can be your first choice. They combine the latest innovations in medical electronics with unmatched expertise of the experienced and leading surgeons. The cost difference for most transplant surgeries varies as high as 8 -10 times from that of USA and UK.

Transplant surgery is the last option when any organ of the body, such as heart or liver fails to function. Liver transplant surgery, Bone Marrow transplant, heart transplant, Kidney transplant, Lung transplant, Corneal transplant, and Hair transplant are the major transplant surgeries performed in Kerala. Transplant surgery in Kerala is a cost effective alternative for residents of western countries and nations in the middle east. Tourists can avail the world class transplant surgery in Kerala for minimal costs.

Transplant Surgeries :
Heart Transplant : A heart transplant is an open heart surgery performed on patients with last stage heart failure and or severely coronary artery disease. It is a process in which the doctor removes the diseased heart with the donor heart. Heart transplant is usually done when the heart gets damaged and is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body's requirements. The situation for heart transplant comes when all other treatments fails. Heart donors are usually those people who are brain dead or on the life support system. Their healthy heart are put into the special solution that preserve that organ.

Heart transplant is a simple surgery for the cardiac surgeons. The patients is first put into the deep sleep with general anesthesia. Than the damaged heart is removed from the patient body, which is difficult process. If there has been any previous surgery, than cutting through the scar tissue may complicate the whole process of removing the heart. Thereafter the donor's heart is replaced in place of the patient heart. Today this operation involves the creation of only five stitches or anastomoses. Through these five lines blood vessels are connected which enter and leave the heart. People who receive heart transplant are required to live in the hospital for approximately 10 days.

Liver Transplant : Liver transplantation is a surgical transplantation procedure which involves replacement of a diseased liver with the healthy liver from an organ donor. Ninety percent of the liver transplantation are performed on a person with end stage liver disease and acute liver failure. The most common technique used in the liver transplantation is called orthotopic transplantation in which the patient's liver is removed and the donor liver is placed at the same anatomic location as the original liver. Most of the liver transplants are done in cases of cirrhosis, a disease in which all the liver cells are killed and replaced by scar tissue. Survival rate for the liver transplant patient has consequently increased in the last few years. But according to the latest research people who have undergone liver transplantations are at greater risk of developing non Hodgkin's lymphoma and colorectal cancer.

Hair Transplant : Hair transplantation is the surgery to remove hair from the certain area of the scalp and relocate them to the bald area. The concept of hair transplantation is catching up heat really fast. Most of the celebrities especially the film actors are getting their hair transplant to look more sexy and stylish. Hair transplant is the most common cosmetic surgery, which is bit costly, but gives phenomenal results. One generally faces hair loss due to genetic or hormonal changes. Otherwise long depression and trauma can also lead to the loss of hair.

Kidney Transplant : A Kidney transplant is the operation which involves replacement of diseased kidney with a healthy kidney of the donor. Transplant kidney can be of a person who is alive or has recently died. To maintain the viability of the donor kidney, it has to be transported in a salt water solution and can only be preserved for a couple of days.